A Blue Bird Outside 6

A Blue Bird Typewriter

What a scorcher! It’s lovely and warm today and the grass (as you can see) is getting a little long!  This typewriter is one of two that were given to me and this one works.  I love that ‘click’ when you depress the keys.  I saw a similar one recently that had been painted pink! Off to look in the shed…

A Blue Bird Typewriter

A Blue Bird Typewriter

6 thoughts on “A Blue Bird Outside

  • Ann

    Yay! It works now! I love this typewriter. I’m wondering if it types in cursive? I love the sound too. I was with my son in an antique store a few years back and spotted one-he didn’t know what it was! I couldn’t believe it. He was 12 at the time, and I realized he had never seen anything but the computer keyboard. He was fascinated by the sound too. Someone should make a keyboard that would make that sound if we wanted it to! And I can’t wait to see your felt project.

  • Christy

    Hi! I found you through BYW. I love vintage typewriters. This one is great–I’m glad it works! xo

  • Mary C. Nasser

    Blue is my favorite color, so I absolutely love this blue typewriter.

    But no doubt about it…I would like to see a pic of the pink one, too! 🙂

    So nice to meet you through BYW.
    I am your newest blog follower! 🙂
    All the best,

  • Tra Post author

    As far as I know it doesn’t type in cursive but will take a closer look. Yeah, when you think about technology it’s hard to image not growing up with what we have now. Will finish my felt project this week hopefully! It’s all cut out, just needs stitching….x

  • Tra Post author

    Hi Mary! I have another in the shed – if it doesn’t work I might paint it! Glad to meet you and hope you are enjoying the course! Tra x

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