Guy Fawkes Night 2

Last night we celebrated Bonfire Night at church (ALM).  The fireworks were pretty spectacular and my little iphone picked up some great moments.  I wonder what Guy Fawkes would have to say about us making a big deal of the fifth of November.


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2 thoughts on “Guy Fawkes Night

  • Marrianna

    WOW! You got these photos with an iPhone? I am so impressed. I plan to get an iPhone at the end of 2012 when my current cell service with T-Mobile expires. I won’t settle for less than an iPhone. And, maybe I’ll get an iPad, too. Great photos. And wonderful to meet you via BYW.


  • Tra Post author

    Iphones really are amazing! I bought a little app called Camera+ and it has a feature called burst so I was able to take some good photos! Lovely to meet you!