Yearly archives: 2009

A much needed weekend away!

My wonderful husband and I have just returned from a long weekend at Centre Parcs. Oh, it was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Robin took numerous photos of just about everything and we came back very refreshed! I don’t think I have ever seen so many ducks though! And […]

Remember, remember…

Well, its a lovely cold dark evening and I can hear numerous bangs outside! I love Guy Fawkes Night! I am excited! Today is my 4th day of working part-time at home. I have compiled a list of where to begin and am armed with my ‘Craft Inc. Business Planner’! […]

Tick tock.

It has been a while since my last post.  I am realising that I need to create momentum and from that will come an ease (hopefully!).  I have been thinking about the creative process and how it works for other designers/photographers – whether an idea is ‘squeezed dry’ or whether […]


Even though I enjoy my day job I am inspired daily to pursue my dream. I have questions that require answers and this blog will be part of my journey from here to there. I have a passion for design and all things inspiring and beautiful and one of my […]