Monthly archives: April 2012


Some dear friends recently moved away and had a clear out. In the pile was this little, curious camera. Loving cameras and never hearing of Oktomat I took it home. I must say I thought that the day of 35mm films was fast approaching an end but ‘oh no!’ so […]

The Artist in the Office

Last year, when I was miserable doing my day job, I found a book that kept me creatively sane! Summer Pierre has written a great book called The Artist in the Office. It’s practical, honest inspiring and funny! If you are like me, I love to write in books that […]

Happy Easter!

I love what Easter means and that it gives an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and have a well-earned rest. I am on strict orders to relax but am longing to make something with this little pile of potential!


When there is snow on the ground (yes, really!), it’s a good time to make or look back at previous projects and get inspiration for the next projects. Which is what I did today! What inspires you? The weather always inspires me, whatever it is. I shall post a picture […]