Monthly archives: September 2012

Thank you!

Continuing my little quest for suitable stationery to send to a buyer when they purchase one of my creations I came across some amazing treasures! Again, I am inspired over and over again by the creativity that is out there in the world. There is a wonderful designer in Thailand […]

A Creative Label.

Okey doke! So, to go nicely with the packaging I would like to design a little label that can be attached. I particularly love the stitched idea as that is what I do – stitch.  But I don’t like copying so will come up with another idea but aren’t these […]

Let’s Pack!

I love a good packaged gift, especially if I am on the receiving end, often as much as the gift inside. The anticipation.  The careful unwrapping. It is all part of the gifting experience. I am currently challenged to produce something papery and delicious for my own shops. I want the whole […]

More Instagram Inspiration

These lovely pictures have caught my eye recently on my instagram feed. Photo credits: I heart sunny days, insideology, making it lovely, Sandra Juto, Shot in Heels and Add Vintage Dot Com.

Current Creativity

I’ve spent hours recently cutting letter shapes from material.  It can be tricky but fun! There seems to have been a real surge in the interest of typography and letter based design which is great.  Here’s a photo of what I have been up to.