Thank you!

Continuing my little quest for suitable stationery to send to a buyer when they purchase one of my creations I came across some amazing treasures! Again, I am inspired over and over again by the creativity that is out there in the world.

There is a wonderful designer in Thailand called Mochikaka who loves cats (of course as they are great) and she sketches little pictures as a thank you when someone buys one of her items. She is so gifted! Actually, to really show her work I think I should at least buy something from her shop. All the interests of research you understand – ahem!

Another designer that I love, Jordan Grace Owens, makes little jointed cats! They don’t technically have anything to do with thank you’s but I just adore them! And she does custom portraits on paper dolls, quite amazing.

Thank you!
Wildback Team September 17, 2012
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