Typewriter Eraser and Printed Paper

When I was little, at Primary School, I collected erasers. I loved them and had many. I made the slight, tiny error of putting ‘novelty 80’s rubbers/erasers’ in the Ebay search bar. What happened as a result was a huge, nostalgic trip down memory lane. I saw many that I remembered and I wanted them all – again! You see, I swapped all my erasers for a Sindy horse (thanks Noel Edmond’s Swap Shop!), so I wanted to replace them. I realised that it was a little silly, after all where would they go? So, I just bought one. This little off-white typewriter was only a couple of pounds and is from the 80’s. When I opened the packaging and smelt the rubber I was nine again. I still have my eye on a banana, bunch of grapes and a burger (which dismantles!!!), but for now I shall make do with this little bit of nostalgia.

Typewriter Eraser and Printed Paper
Wildback Team October 19, 2011
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