Brave Heart Cushion


I am already excited about 2015. The anticipation of a whole year waiting to be filled with goals, dreams and desires. We have lots of exciting plans this year and I cannot wait for our big move down south to the welsh border.  And I am excited about making more […]

Stag Deer Cushion

Hello 2015!

After a hiatus (or what’s the word for a 2 year break?) I have reentered the blogosphere! I am glad to be back! Here is a little taste of what I have been up to.   I have been continuing my love of soft furnishings with making more cushions. These […]

A Rustic Kind of Day – Making a Hessian Doorstop.

Today I have enjoyed working with the wonderful material Hessian or to our US friends Burlap! It’s an interesting creature. It’s tough, pliable, scratchy on the cut edges but quite wonderful. In fact it’s so wonderful I would love to make a hammock from it. This is a bit embarrising, […]


One of the downsides to living up North is that we don’t get to see our family as much as we would like. Which makes me sad. But when we do, it’s as if no time has passed really.  Although, saying that, nieces grow really quickly. Here are a few […]

Thank you!

Continuing my little quest for suitable stationery to send to a buyer when they purchase one of my creations I came across some amazing treasures! Again, I am inspired over and over again by the creativity that is out there in the world. There is a wonderful designer in Thailand […]

A Creative Label.

Okey doke! So, to go nicely with the packaging I would like to design a little label that can be attached. I particularly love the stitched idea as that is what I do – stitch.  But I don’t like copying so will come up with another idea but aren’t these […]

Let’s Pack!

I love a good packaged gift, especially if I am on the receiving end, often as much as the gift inside. The anticipation.  The careful unwrapping. It is all part of the gifting experience. I am currently challenged to produce something papery and delicious for my own shops. I want the whole […]

More Instagram Inspiration

These lovely pictures have caught my eye recently on my instagram feed. Photo credits: I heart sunny days, insideology, making it lovely, Sandra Juto, Shot in Heels and Add Vintage Dot Com.

Current Creativity

I’ve spent hours recently cutting letter shapes from material.  It can be tricky but fun! There seems to have been a real surge in the interest of typography and letter based design which is great.  Here’s a photo of what I have been up to.

Instagram Inspiration!

Isn’t Instagram great! I love the daily dose of inspiration and following all sorts of people across the globe! Here are a few of my recent favourites! Photo credits: Skinny Laminx, Lauren Rene, Mod Cloth, Jamie Oliver, Jenny Komenda and I love that fabric store.

Saltaire on a quiet Saturday

As you’ve probably already guessed, I love Saltaire.  As a country girl, moving to a big city was a big deal! I am used to getting stuck behind tractors rather than navigating the crazy roads of the city.  Saltaire provides an oasis and it’s very pretty with coffee and vintage […]

I am having a sale!

In the spirit of this glorious summer we are having (joke!), I have decided to have a sale in my Etsy Shop! Hope you are having a great summer! Off to get some sun-cream…

Creative Friday

I have been making small letters for a little while now and they exist in many forms. I enjoyed playing with this fabric letter – part of my bunting letter family. In fact I like it so much that I want to put it in my lounge and not my […]

Handmade Treasures

I enjoy looking at all my old and new photos on my mac.  It’s good to remember fun times often especially as memories are kept digitally nowadays. These two are personal favourites from a recent conference, one from this year and one from last.  

Vintage Crockery

I have a friend, lets call her Mrs H, who has a heavenly gifting of locating gorgeous vintage finds.  She has some sort of homing device or special sense that she tunes into and she finds the most amazing items.  This crockery is an example.  It was used during a […]

And I wish to thank…

Today, apart from sewing and fighting crime, my new blog design went live! I designed it and the wonderful Robin J Knox Esq has spent the last few days making it work! Thanks Robin, you are amazing!

Percolation and Process

I have been contemplating the idea of process recently and understanding that I am a process person has been a huge revelation. This revelation has helped how I view my creative day and has shown me what type of day works best for me and that I basically percolate all […]

Handmade bunting and the last couple of months.

In the 80’s I read a great book that later became a cult film and to quote the main character Ferris Bueller, ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it’. These last couple of months have been pretty fast […]

Wedding in Harrogate

We recently went to a wedding held at a pretty village outside of Harrogate. It was set in a peaceful, old church. The smell of the church reminded me of Sunday School. I was captivated by the sun coming through the beautiful stained glass. A hail storm happened during the […]


Some dear friends recently moved away and had a clear out. In the pile was this little, curious camera. Loving cameras and never hearing of Oktomat I took it home. I must say I thought that the day of 35mm films was fast approaching an end but ‘oh no!’ so […]