A Rustic Kind of Day – Making a Hessian Doorstop.

Today I have enjoyed working with the wonderful material Hessian or to our US friends Burlap! It’s an interesting creature. It’s tough, pliable, scratchy on the cut edges but quite wonderful. In fact it’s so wonderful I would love to make a hammock from it. This is a bit embarrising, […]

Thank you!

Continuing my little quest for suitable stationery to send to a buyer when they purchase one of my creations I came across some amazing treasures! Again, I am inspired over and over again by the creativity that is out there in the world. There is a wonderful designer in Thailand […]

A Creative Label.

Okey doke! So, to go nicely with the packaging I would like to design a little label that can be attached. I particularly love the stitched idea as that is what I do – stitch.  But I don’t like copying so will come up with another idea but aren’t these […]

Let’s Pack!

I love a good packaged gift, especially if I am on the receiving end, often as much as the gift inside. The anticipation.  The careful unwrapping. It is all part of the gifting experience. I am currently challenged to produce something papery and delicious for my own shops. I want the whole […]

Saltaire on a quiet Saturday

As you’ve probably already guessed, I love Saltaire.  As a country girl, moving to a big city was a big deal! I am used to getting stuck behind tractors rather than navigating the crazy roads of the city.  Saltaire provides an oasis and it’s very pretty with coffee and vintage […]

I am having a sale!

In the spirit of this glorious summer we are having (joke!), I have decided to have a sale in my Etsy Shop! Hope you are having a great summer! Off to get some sun-cream…

Creative Friday

I have been making small letters for a little while now and they exist in many forms. I enjoyed playing with this fabric letter – part of my bunting letter family. In fact I like it so much that I want to put it in my lounge and not my […]

Wedding in Harrogate

We recently went to a wedding held at a pretty village outside of Harrogate. It was set in a peaceful, old church. The smell of the church reminded me of Sunday School. I was captivated by the sun coming through the beautiful stained glass. A hail storm happened during the […]

The Artist in the Office

Last year, when I was miserable doing my day job, I found a book that kept me creatively sane! Summer Pierre has written a great book called The Artist in the Office. It’s practical, honest inspiring and funny! If you are like me, I love to write in books that […]

Happy Easter!

I love what Easter means and that it gives an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and have a well-earned rest. I am on strict orders to relax but am longing to make something with this little pile of potential!


When there is snow on the ground (yes, really!), it’s a good time to make or look back at previous projects and get inspiration for the next projects. Which is what I did today! What inspires you? The weather always inspires me, whatever it is. I shall post a picture […]

Birthday Excitement and Hens!

Well, tomorrow is my birthday! Am I the only one who forgets how old they are and sometimes wants to shout ‘recount!’? I do love birthday’s! Oh, and we have hens!! They were an early birthday gift and I shall post some pictures!

Pretty in Pink

Hi everyone! Gosh, its been a little while since I last posted! I have been busy creating and making new items for my shop. This is one of my latest little creations and I loved making it. It gave me the opportunity to use some vintage linen and an old […]

Busy as an Elf

In this exciting run up to Christmas I am like an elf, busy constructing and making gifts to sell and send out to new homes. This is a little, tiny, very small peek at a piece I made recently.

The Handmade Christmas Decoration Exchange

There is a lovely online craft magazine called The Craft Tonic (great name) and the editor Emma had a great idea to spread Christmas happiness! She organised a Handmade Christmas Decoration Exchange. Here is an image of the one I sent out to Jude in Devon and the one I […]

Featured on a Website – UK Handmade

Last week one of my little hoops was featured on a website UK Handmade.  It’s great to get some encouragement sometimes as the web seems so big and me so little. Very encouraging!  Thank YOU for stopping by! Lovely to have you here!