Today I am cutting and stitching felt.  Will post the finished creation later.  Hope you are having a great day.  It’s windy and sunny here.  My perfect type of weather.

Little Coppice

Autumn Trees and a Golf Course

Have you ever found a little bit of solitude unexpectedly?  I went for a walk in the suburb that I live in and found a treat!  You can walk through the local golf course grounds as there is a public footpath.  In the six years I have live here I never knew […]

Two Cushions

Making Cushions (or Pillows)

Today I have made some cushions to sell.  What a great way to use leftover fabric and make it in to something really worthwhile.  I don’t know if everyone is the same when they are happy with a creation but I would love to keep them.  Oh, and if you […]

Tracy Cup and Bowl

Tracy without the E

Growing up my mum was very enthusiastic about my name.  It was her second choice to Victoria and after seeing a James Bond film (the one where Bond marries) she decided, along with my dad, to call me Tracy.  She always bought me some kind of present, Christmas or birthdays, […]

Tea at Murgatroyds

One of my favourite fish and chip places is Murgatroyds in Yeadon, Leeds. I love the vintage/retro interior mixed with the Tiffany style lamps. It really is quite unique and the service is great. Most of the clientele is of a certain age but I love that! And its ‘proper Yorkshire’. Definitely recommended […]

Yorkshire Peonies.

My lovely man bought me some stunning Peonies from our local farm shop Keelham Farm.  I have not had Peonies before and they are so beautiful.  A comment around the house is ‘can they get any bigger?!’ It remains to be seen!  I really loved the vintage look of this photo […]

Coloured Masking Tape – Happy!

I recently bought some lovely coloured masking tape made from Washi paper from the guys at Present & Correct. Oh the uses that I could have with it! Resisting the urge to put it everywhere in the office I restricted myself to a couple of Nutella jars that are waiting […]

The Olive Tree

I recently had a birthday and felt so blessed to be taken to Rudding Park in Harrogate for a birthday breakfast.  This is a super-quick photo that I took of an olive tree that is growing in the conservatory there.  Even though it is huge it’s not too overpowering.  A […]

A much needed weekend away!

My wonderful husband and I have just returned from a long weekend at Centre Parcs. Oh, it was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Robin took numerous photos of just about everything and we came back very refreshed! I don’t think I have ever seen so many ducks though! And […]