Guy Fawkes Night

Last night we celebrated Bonfire Night at church (ALM).  The fireworks were pretty spectacular and my little iphone picked up some great moments.  I wonder what Guy Fawkes would have to say about us making a big deal of the fifth of November.  

A Day Out and About

Had a lovely morning with a good friend.  We decided to go to the local retail park and have a browse.  Thinking about colour, I was completely overwhelmed by red in one particular store.  It was rather lovely!

A Blue Bird Typewriter

A Blue Bird Outside

What a scorcher! It’s lovely and warm today and the grass (as you can see) is getting a little long!  This typewriter is one of two that were given to me and this one works.  I love that ‘click’ when you depress the keys.  I saw a similar one recently […]

Little Coppice

Autumn Trees and a Golf Course

Have you ever found a little bit of solitude unexpectedly?  I went for a walk in the suburb that I live in and found a treat!  You can walk through the local golf course grounds as there is a public footpath.  In the six years I have live here I never knew […]

Vintage Chair and Freesia's

Kilner Jars and Freesia’s

My love affair with kilner jars continues.  I don’t know why I love these simple jars – maybe its the embossed lettering or maybe its the way that the green glass shines through in bright light.  I picked some Freesia’s (yellow and red) from the garden and placed them in […]

Birds in a Hoop - getting the right shot

Embroidered Bird Wall Art

I have been experimenting with freestyle embroidery recently and having so much fun! I used some Japanese material and some soft linen to create two little birds on a branch.  I finished by stuffing the birds to give a bit more of an effect.  I have just put them on […]

Old Shell and Pickwick Papers

Old Shell & Pickwick Papers

I remember as a child my Nan having these sharp but beautiful shells.  I have no idea where they came from but I do remember putting them up to my ears to hear the ocean.  It was a little while before I actually realised that it was not the sea […]

Jelly Babies in a Sugar Bowl

Jelly Babies in a Sugar Bowl

Do you remember the glass sugar bowl’s that used to be popular?  I remember my nanny’s having them and the sugar bowl’s were brought out at teatime along with the china cups and saucers.  I was given this one recently and bought some Jelly Babies to sit nicely inside.  Unfortunately, […]

Cherish 2011 Chandelier and Wire

Cherish 2011 Set Photos

I am so blessed to attend a great church called ALC in the UK. Every year we have a ladies conference called Cherish which is a great opportunity to be girly! The designers at church create an awesome set and general loveliness around the campus and I took some photos just before […]

The Olive Tree

I recently had a birthday and felt so blessed to be taken to Rudding Park in Harrogate for a birthday breakfast.  This is a super-quick photo that I took of an olive tree that is growing in the conservatory there.  Even though it is huge it’s not too overpowering.  A […]

The Great Winter of 2010.

After a relaxing, full Christmas we have just had around 8 inches of snow to start the new year.  I love snow!  I have this week off work and I can stay in the comfort and safety of our home.  But I do feel for those that have no other […]

Remember, remember…

Well, its a lovely cold dark evening and I can hear numerous bangs outside! I love Guy Fawkes Night! I am excited! Today is my 4th day of working part-time at home. I have compiled a list of where to begin and am armed with my ‘Craft Inc. Business Planner’! […]