Vintage Crockery

I have a friend, lets call her Mrs H, who has a heavenly gifting of locating gorgeous vintage finds.  She has some sort of homing device or special sense that she tunes into and she finds the most amazing items.  This crockery is an example.  It was used during a […]


When there is snow on the ground (yes, really!), it’s a good time to make or look back at previous projects and get inspiration for the next projects. Which is what I did today! What inspires you? The weather always inspires me, whatever it is. I shall post a picture […]

Pretty in Pink

Hi everyone! Gosh, its been a little while since I last posted! I have been busy creating and making new items for my shop. This is one of my latest little creations and I loved making it. It gave me the opportunity to use some vintage linen and an old […]

Cath Kidston Shop

Cath Kidston Part Two

The Leeds store, I think, is quite big and at the bottom it’s like going back in time.  It is full of 80’s nostalgia. Actual, real, 80’s bits and pieces mixed with CK items. I used to love the painted/printed milk bottles and when they used to come with the milkman […]

Cath Kidston Leeds

Christmas At Cath Kidston, Leeds

No matter when I pop into a Cath Kidston shop, I can be sure that I am walking around going ‘ooh, I love that’ with a little grin on my face. The pink Christmas tree does work in the Leeds shop, they can definitely get away with it! I would not want […]

A Blue Bird Typewriter

A Blue Bird Outside

What a scorcher! It’s lovely and warm today and the grass (as you can see) is getting a little long!  This typewriter is one of two that were given to me and this one works.  I love that ‘click’ when you depress the keys.  I saw a similar one recently […]

Vintage Clock and Balmoral V&A Badge

V&A Pin and Vintage Clock

This little pin was bought recently at the Saltaire Vintage Fair.  Does anyone out there know anything about it? It has the name Balmoral on it but I wanted to find out a little more.  It sits on an old clock which plays Brahams’ waltz No.15.

Tracy Cup and Bowl

Tracy without the E

Growing up my mum was very enthusiastic about my name.  It was her second choice to Victoria and after seeing a James Bond film (the one where Bond marries) she decided, along with my dad, to call me Tracy.  She always bought me some kind of present, Christmas or birthdays, […]

Typewriter and Book

Typewriter Eraser and Printed Paper

When I was little, at Primary School, I collected erasers.  I loved them and had many.  I made the slight, tiny error of putting ‘novelty 80’s rubbers/erasers’ in the Ebay search bar.  What happened as a result was a huge, nostalgic trip down memory lane.  I saw many that I […]

Vintage Chair and Freesia's

Kilner Jars and Freesia’s

My love affair with kilner jars continues.  I don’t know why I love these simple jars – maybe its the embossed lettering or maybe its the way that the green glass shines through in bright light.  I picked some Freesia’s (yellow and red) from the garden and placed them in […]

Old Shell and Pickwick Papers

Old Shell & Pickwick Papers

I remember as a child my Nan having these sharp but beautiful shells.  I have no idea where they came from but I do remember putting them up to my ears to hear the ocean.  It was a little while before I actually realised that it was not the sea […]

Jelly Babies in a Sugar Bowl

Jelly Babies in a Sugar Bowl

Do you remember the glass sugar bowl’s that used to be popular?  I remember my nanny’s having them and the sugar bowl’s were brought out at teatime along with the china cups and saucers.  I was given this one recently and bought some Jelly Babies to sit nicely inside.  Unfortunately, […]

Tea at Murgatroyds

One of my favourite fish and chip places is Murgatroyds in Yeadon, Leeds. I love the vintage/retro interior mixed with the Tiffany style lamps. It really is quite unique and the service is great. Most of the clientele is of a certain age but I love that! And its ‘proper Yorkshire’. Definitely recommended […]

Handmade Vintage Button Ring

Handmade Vintage Button Ring

Well, after the fun at the fair I am enjoying my purchases. Unfortunately, I forgot to take cash so spent the afternoon borrowing money off my understanding friend. This handmade vintage button ring was one of my purchases and I love it! It is big on my slim fingers but […]

Saltaire Vintage Fair 2nd July 2011

I had a great afternoon at Saltaire on Saturday.  Saltaire is well know for many things and I thoroughly enjoyed Saltaire Vintage Fair with my friend Ruth. There were so many treats at the stalls and I left feeling a little dizzy and excited at all the potential and the […]